Here are some of the things our customers have to say about us:

"THIS GUY REALLY HAS HIS ***** (ED) TOGETHER!!! They (OEM) wanted nothing to do with me after they sold me a $2000 part incompatible with my machine (part number provided by them), and wanted to charge me a restocking fee. They then offered a $2500 service call to "verify" the part was incompatible / identify the issue. He troubleshot over the phone, told me where to order the part (<$20), I installed it myself and I was up and running. He only charged a couple of hundred $$$ for phone support over several days!!!  **** (OEM) is less than 100 miles away, and this guy is more than 1000... but I know who I'm calling!!! - NEW JERSEY - Machine Serviced: 260

I just called the DEKHEAD looking for a part; I had just talked to the Helpdesk and they had me order the part to fix my machine. But with a week lead-time on the part, I was hoping for a second source. He found me the part I was looking for (not from him), but then asked about my problem as it was not a common failure item. When I told him, he expressed doubt that was the problem…
Worked with me to find the actual problem, had the part I needed cheaper than the part I ordered from DEK. He shipped overnight without a PO.

With DEK I would have been down for a week waiting for a part, and still not fixed when it arrived; with DEKHEAD - Up and running next morning!!!

- IL - Machine Serviced: Horizon02

6 hours on phone with *** Helpdesk; They were quoting a machine registration + service visit + a $10000 part; Found the DEKHEAD on SMTNET. He initially agreed it was the board, and offered replacement for ~1/3 the price; Before we could get PO / overnight shipping arranged, he called back with a suggestion for a fix... IT WORKED!!! 2-1/2 hour from first call to DEKHEAD to up and running!!! Cost; $0000.  - MS - Machine Serviced: 265GS

3-days down; 3 different techs from the "help" desk; >$500 for parts I didn't need;
1-DEKHEAD; Onsite the next day, parts in hand.
Machine up and running; Happy Manager!

We have everything from a 1996 265LT to a 2009 Horizon 02i (and used to have a 260) this guy knows them ALL. Don't think there's anybody in the US (and certainly not ****'s "helpdesk") who knows them as well. Spent 2 days on the phone chasing rabbits on a Horizon with the "HELPdesk", called the DEKHEAD and he had it diagnosed in 1 phone call (and part was onsite the next morning). **** might be local, but this guy is worth the trip!!!- IL  MACHINES SERVICED: VARIOUS

Machine had been down for 2+days and **** was not returning phone calls; Called the DEKHEAD and he had it diagnosed in 3 e-mails. Boss didn't like the idea of paying for phone/e-mail support, but can't argue with result!!! - FL  MACHINES SERVICED: GSX

"Litterally MONTHS waiting for the 'low cost guy" to get this machine running. JDT onsite less than 4 hours to have it diagnosed; In production the next day. Price seemed high, but worth every penny!" - NH - Machine Serviced: GXY

Bought a machine from a local used equipment guy; Not great, but I figured "OK for a 15 year old machine". But a year later,when I had a problem local guy couldn't figure out, I found the DEKHEAD. He came and fixed my problem, but also calibrated / optimized and trained me how to use. THIS IS A GREAT MACHINE! Now shopping for a 2nd GSX to replace my UP2000 - KS - Machine Serviced: GSX

A used equpment guy I deal with referred me to DEKHEAD.COM, his quote (for repair) seemed high... I shopped around for cheaper price and (I guess) got what I paid for. 3 visits, 7 weeks,  stuck with replacement parts **** (OEM) won't take back, and still not fixed! I called in this Dekhead, he brought the parts needed, and had me repaired the first day, calibrated and better than EVER in <2 days.  KY - Machine Serviced: GSX

"Quote from JDT for parts and labor was 2/3 the price of ****, and when he came the parts diagnosed by the OEM Helpdesk were not the problem. He troubleshot and repaired the problem board to component level. He could easily have sold me the board instead of repairing, and even sold me the board DEK had told me was needed. Bottom Line, I saved over $4500, needless to say, you can trust this DEKHEAD!!!" TEXAS - Macnine serviced: HOZ03

"If you own a **** (OEM) machine, you really need to know the DEKHEAD" - WISCONSIN - Machine Serviced: 265LT

If you can't count on the people who sold you the machine or the people who built it in the first place... DEKHEAD is the guy to call....You can waste a couple of months, like I did, or just contact the DEKHEAD. KANSAS - Machine Serviced: Horizon

      "I am small contract manufacturer... he diagnosed and got parts and fixed my machine, and made 2 trips for less than what they told me just for a first visit..." TEXAS - Machine Serviced: 249

     " JDT was onsite repairing my machine before **** (OEM) managed to send me a quote... when quote was received it was for 3x what the final charges were from JDT. I know he can't do this for everyone, but I am impressed!!!" NC - Machine Serviced: Horizon 01

"...told him what I was looking for (upgrade), and learned the price from **** (OEM). He managed to locate what I needed on the used market and had it installed for less than half what they wanted, just for parts..." FLORIDA - Machine Service: Horizon 03

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